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The Bridge


The last step before stringing the violin is the bridge. Much time went into the shaping and sizing of this bridge. The bridge determines much of the sound transfer from the strings to the soundboard, so it is essential to get it right. It also determines the string spacing and height. After carving the bridge to the perfect shape, I laid a piece o...

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Getting Closer...


The colour has finished drying, and a final coat was applied. I painted the f-holes and the pegbox black. I cut the slot for the second nut (saddle nut), the fingerboard, and also the main nut. I reamed the peg holes to the proper angle and also the peg hole at the base. I am getting closer.Next, I'll be shaping the nut and filing the grooves for t...

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Tenor Ukulele Update

Tenor Ukulele Update

While waiting for the violin to dry, I thought it would be a good idea to keep all the many other projects moving, including the tenor ukulele project. I quickly realized that it had been a while since I have posted any updates with this one, so here it is. I've recently added the neck, fretboard, and binding. Currently, I'm working on filling the ...

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New Necklace Design


  We are currently in the process of adding to our necklaces! Recently we have designed four more different shapes, including a diamond shape and the Star of David. A thicker string will be added as well, along with a ring to loop it through. We also intend to add few decorative beads to some of our necklaces. We put so much effort into e...

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Dragon Violin- Added Color

N003_1 Dragon Violin Adding Color

The next step in the Dragon Violin is the color. This is a time consuming, yet relaxing process of slowly rubbing layer after layer of several colors over top of the base layer (shellac). Here's the side and the back. By applying the colors with many thin layers, I was able to create a sunburst effect on the backside. Here's the front. Al...

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