Hand-Turned Wooden Bowls

My process for turning wooden bowls usually begins with local trees that are still green. My goal in selecting the wood is to find a section of the tree that is stable and also has interesting figuring or grain pattern. I turn a bowl blank while the wood is still wet. The bowl-blank overtime becomes warped as it dries and sometimes becomes cracked and unusable. The blanks that survive 6-8 months of drying time make it to the final turning. The bowl is put back on the lathe and turned again to true-up any warping. Finally, the bowl is signed, sanded, oiled, polished, and waxed for a beautiful finish that brings out the best features of each one-of-a-kind wooden bowl .







Carriage House Wood Shop is a company established in 2014 with aims of providing inspiration, education while creating products that are sustainable, artistic and functional woodworking.