The Story


The Carriage House Dream

In 2014, Carriage House Woodshop was a dream trapped inside an old rundown carriage house. With a lot of hard work and patience, project after project, Carriage House Woodshop is moving forward with focus and determination.


Carriage House Woodshop turns bowls

In 2016, I purchased an old wood lathe and worn chisels on Craigslist from someone's pole barn. After some t.l.c, the lathe became a quick part of my production. Every bowl turned to-date is created using this old-faithful machine.



In 2018, I decided to invest in a CNC wood carving machine designed by the company, Inventables. It has been an enormous asset in the design process of many products offered today.


Carriage House Woodshop launches new website

In effort to connect with more people interested in hand-made wooden products this website offers information and a growing line of products for sale.

The Story Continues...